Networking Follow-Up Techniques to show Prospects Into Customers

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How sensible ar you at following up once a networking event? does one have a follow-up system in place? I hope you are not somebody UN agency says, “I’ll decision you and we’ll meet for coffee” so you ne’er do.

A lot of individuals complain that networking does not work for them and it can be that they solely are not following up. they need to try to to the add order to induce results. The action of attending a networking event won’t manufacture new shoppers. they need to require consecutive step that is to follow up.

After all, if you are not attending to follow-up, what is the purpose in networking anyway?

If you’ve got met somebody at a networking operate UN agency you’re feeling could be a sensible prospect for your business, there ar variety of how to attach so you’ll detain bit, build a relationship and probably flip your prospect into a client. whether or not you get in touch by phone, snail mail, email or social media, follow-up is vital. it is best to follow-up among twenty four hours of the initial meeting whereas the association remains prime of mind.

Here ar many follow-up strategies:

1. Send your prospect a Facebook friend request or invite them to attach with you on LinkedIn for instance. If you’re a longtime business and are networking for for a while, likelihood is that that you simply and your prospect have variety of mutual social media connections already. this is often an excellent speech communication starter. Posting valuable data frequently demonstrates your experience and helps develop trust to make the connection.

2. Send your prospect AN email tantalizing them to check in for your zine. Inform them of the sort of content they will expect to receive from you and once. allow them to add themselves to your listing via your check in page and if done properly, the system you’re victimization to distribute your zine ought to provide them the choice to unsubscribe if they realize your data isn’t for them.

3. Send your prospect a written note. to create the association personal, mention one thing specific you mentioned once you met. you’ll conjointly embrace a piece of writing or alternative piece of knowledge that you simply feel are of interest to them.

4. Contact your prospect by phone. Summarize what you talked regarding at the event or one thing you have got in common. Invite them to occasional or tea. counsel a handful of dates and times to fulfill at a reciprocally convenient location. this is often an excellent thanks to continue the interaction so as to make the connection.

Use one or a mix of a handful of the higher than methods to initiate contact once a networking event. Get to grasp the person and educate them.

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