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Hugh Ross’ Interpretation Of The Bible’s Creation Week

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Hugh Ross’ Interpretation Of The Bible’s Creation Week .Welcome to scmeetupmap  Today  i will provide you more accurate data about Hugh Ross’ Interpretation Of The Bible’s Creation Week Hugh RossCreation and Time: A Biblical and Scientific Perspective on the … Dr. Ross believes that Nature provides an accurate understanding of God and … 10-15 billion years of stellar evolution occurred prior to the Creation Week.

A reputed full time speaker and author that have skyrocketed in popularity by evangelical and charismatic ministries, schools and churches is no other than the famous Dr. Hugh Ross. His popularity was magnified when he started to have a weekly television program by a reputed broadcasting network known as the Trinity. Currently, he is known as the leader or the head of a non-denominational and international ministry that focuses with the apologetic. This organization deal about topics in regards to issues of certain factual information of science and bible. His beliefs stand opposite of what the atheistic evolutionist believes. It is because he is a Progressive Creationist. The biblical and scientific opinions of Dr. Ross can be read and heard through many recorded medium like pamphlets, videos, newsletters, tapes and books. Some of the noted teachings of Mr. Ross will be mentioned in this article.

In contrast to what the bible or scripture says, Mr. Hugh Ross states that the stars, moon and the sun were not created on the fourth ‘day’ of the world’s creation. He supports this teaching by saying that most of the stars have existed quite long before the earth has been created; he states that there has been an approximate 10 to 15 billion years of stellar evolution has occurred before the creation week has even started. Moreover, he exclaims that the book of Genesis chapter 1 describes Creation from a one standing point of few of the earth and that the stars, moon and the sun was not yet visible right until its very fourth day. He strictly believes that the God did not create the stars instantaneously but rather let it evolve by the laws of physical nature that were grounded by God.

According to him, the whole process of stellar evolution occurred by its natural process alone. It would be over analyzing if people would invoke Divine Intervention at any stage within the stars’ history of life cycles that man has come to observe. Hugh Ross teaches that the Creation week took 7 days in God’s time but when one would convert it to man’s time, it would take billions of years. He exclaims that most of God’s creation days amount to several hundred million years long. He mentions that if earth was created 4.6 billion years ago then some of the days of creation might have partially overlapped. He also believes that right now, mankind is still experiencing the 7th day of creation, which was a day that began right after God created Adam and Eve.

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