Finally Got the Title Insured and Closed on the house

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finally Got the Title Insured and Closed on the House  .Welcome to scmeetupmap  Today  i will provide you more accurate data about Finally Got the Title Insured and Closed on the House You’ve probably had to scratch and claw your way to secure an offer. After sifting  Closing is the final step before that house is finally freaking yours Escrow officer; Mortgage professional; Home inspector; Attorney; Title insurance agent

Yvette and I were furious at our loan officer for awhile. We thought that we were ready to close on our new house outside of St. Peters burg, Florida. Then just at the last moment she realized that there was no title insurance and told us it would have to wait until next week. I had intended to start moving that weekend and everything was packed up that we did not need. So instead I got on my phone and decided to get my own title insurance. In fact I know a guy at Alday Donalson, which sells title insurance here in the Tampa Bay area. We go back for years and he actually came to meet me half-way so that I could get back in time.

He was disappointed in me for forgetting to call him first, but I did not even think about title insurance until it became an issue. I was happy to let the lender worry about those kind of details. In fact if I had not spent so much time packing up boxes the previous few nights it would not have bothered me at all. However my truck and an old truck I borrowed were both sitting in my garage loaded up and ready to go, so I was not about to put it off until the next weekend if I had a choice. For one thing I need my truck quite a few days out of the week and I was in no mood to unload it without putting those boxes in my new garage. Truth is I lucked out and a bunch of my buddies volunteered to help me because they wanted to go fishing Sunday morning. I could have lent them my boat, but that would not have worked out for me as well.

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